When attending smart race meetings or Royal Ascot it gives you the perfect opportunity to wear a headpiece. It offers you the chance to choose something that shows off your personality and you will find hats from small fascinators to crazy creations being worn to such events. 




Fascinators come in all shapes and sizes and can have as much impact as a hat with the widest brim. They are held in place using a clip, comb, headband or elastic and make for comfy and secure wearing. They are now hugely popular among racegoers and wedding guests alike.


How to wear


The positioning of your headpiece is vital, when designing, the front and back will be considered greatly and therefore important to wear it the right way around. Pieces on smaller bases are designed to be worn just above the right eyebrow. As they have been made for this positioning it will give the best look and show the detailing of the hat the way that it should be seen. Saucers will usually be fastened on a headband and shoukd be worn across the right side of your face. Make sure that the place you buy your headpiece from shows you how to wear it.


Royal Ascot

Royal Enclosure


Hats must be worn in the Royal Enclosure. If you do not feel comfortable in a hat and would prefer a smaller headpiece then you must ensure that the base size is at least 10cm. Make sure that your hat is secure, the last thing you want is it blowing off your head on a windy day.


Overall, be confident about your hat choice. Choose a headpiece that suits and complements you and your outfit and you’re sure to feel fabulous all day.




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